Thy hypervisor that all others are compared to. When you need the best to virtulization platform for you private or public cloud, this is the only VMware also offers a strong VDI option.


Citrix is the leader in application and desktop delivery. Coupled with their SD-Network offerings, Citrix will deliver the most demanding clients apps and desktops with the best user experience.

Nutanix was the company that made Hyper Converged Infrastructure possible for the enterprise. Originally designed for VDI solutions, Nutanix delivers some of the lowest TCO and highest end user experience coupled with Citrix.


Our choice of technologies

Its not my drive to sell you technologies. There are plenty of sales people who will gladly do that 🙂

I choose to do the best with what you have and work to maximize your utilization of existing technologies while building on the industry standard foundations.

We choose to work with the industry standard and leaders. Working working with niche or bleeding edge technologies can cause challenges supporting or integrating with them.

Technology overlaps and how they can help

VMware is the industry standard hypervisor. However, Citrix, Nutanix and even Microsoft offer competing options that, when used correctly, can save you money. If the system is mission critical, then use the best system. If a smaller subset of VM's, such as a VDI pool, can tolerate a cost appropriate level of risk, then why not use an option that you are already paying for and save the company money to deploy on more mission critical systems?


Reach out

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