A sell sword with a keyboard

My focus is not to sell technologies, but to implement them to the best of my ability, and make it as easy to manage as possible.

A significant portion of my work has been upgrading and re-implementing old or mis-configured systems so they are solid, reliable and easy to manage. Not much is worse than a shiny new system that takes a team of people just to keep from crashing!

I work mostly as a sub contractor under other companies, but am available to end users as well. This allows us to concentrate on limited engagement projects ranging from a few days to several months. I hand over a solid and supportable system, while teaching the in house teams to support the new environment.

The details

If you made it this far, your obviously still interested. Let me see if I can answer a few more questions for you.


I mostly work remote, but have traveled as far as China, Switzerland and even as far as the base of Mt. Everest in Nepal. My company is based out of South West FL, but travel to South California and TennesseeĀ  frequently.


If your looking for a PDF, here you go:

Have I seen you before?

Its possible! I am the co-lead of a Citrix User Group Community chapter and have spoken at Citrix Synergy. I have also attended many conferences and served as a sponsor / champion of the technologies I believe in.

Reach out

If you are liking what you are seeing above, reach out and lets schedule a call. Even if we end not working together, maybe just talking it out will help.