The hypervisor that all others are compared to. When you need the best  virtualization platform for you private or public cloud, this is the only option.  VMware also offers strong VDI  and SD-networking options as well.

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Citrix is the leader in application and desktop delivery. Coupled with their SD-Network offerings, Citrix will deliver the most demanding clients apps and desktops with the best user experience.

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Nutanix was the company that made Hyper Converged Infrastructure possible for the enterprise. Originally designed for VDI solutions, Nutanix delivers some of the lowest TCO and highest end user experience coupled with Citrix.

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Who we are

A. M. Navigation is a technology implementer available for your projects. We work both under other companies or directly for end users to implement your vision and turn over an easy to support system. With a myriad of technologies and solutions out there, I try to concentrate on the industry standard and reliable options out there to ensure what is built will be maintainable and up-gradable for the long term.

With options for remote as well as on site available we do most of our work in a hybrid being on site more in the beginning and phasing into more remote time depending on the project duration and needs of the customer.

Depending on the size of the project, we can be contracted for as little as a week or as long as several month with many options of business and off hours available to work  within your requirements.

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If you are liking what you are seeing above, reach out and lets schedule a call. Even if we end not working together, maybe just talking it out will help.